Choosing the width between the shelves in the store

What should be the optimal distance between the shelves of the sales rack in the store?

Complex or expensive products require time to choose and a calm environment in the process of studying the characteristics and comparing models. Such product groups are either not put in the passage at all (this is especially undesirable in long, elongated trading floors), or the passage is expanded so that a person can easily choose, and other visitors can pass by.

Almost all the standards (both legislative and “life”) that regulate the width of the aisles between the trading racks for a store on the trading floor are based on the proportions of a person and the place that is required to carry out any operation.

We recommend that you adhere to the following dimensions:

The minimum width of the passage for one person with a basket is 0.85 m.
To comfortably bend down to the bottom shelf of the sales rack, you need a space of 1 m.
In the case when one person examines the shelves, turning to face them, and the other can easily pass with a standard shopping plastic basket with a minimum distance in the aisle of 1.25 m. With a trolley – with a minimum distance in the aisle of 1.6 m.. Therefore, the width of the aisles in self-service stores with an area of ​​​​about 1000 square meters, where customers use both carts and shopping baskets, starts from 1.7 – 1.8 m.
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Similarly, the distance between refrigerated counters and racks in a food supermarket is calculated. We take into account the place for the queue along the counter and the place for the flow, as a result we get the width of the passage in the range of 2.8 -3.3 m.

In large stores, this distance increases to 3.5 m. The minimum distance between the counter and the shelves of the sales rack in small stores with a counter form of trade is 0.7 – 0.8 m.

The purchase of certain goods is quite intimate, such as the choice of underwear, products for the care of problem skin, a number of over-the-counter drugs, and diet products. It is much more convenient for the buyer to choose when such goods are located a little away from the main aisle, especially in small towns and in city stores of the “home” format.